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Name:Loki Laufeyardottír
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Female Loki is female, because he/she can! Canonically in both myth and comic book. I just couldn't pass up the chance of playing what might be the original mythical nithing I've been on about for so long in connection with Teja. Turns female, turns into animals, gets pregnant -- everything that those Germanic warriors found so infinitely more scary than bloody painful death by the swords of their enemies!

I don't think this Lady Loki is exactly the Lady Loki from the comics; I don't know enough about her, although I'm definitely learning. I don't know if she's from an AU movieverse where Loki is female, or if she's a male version of Loki from some random point along the time line. I can't even tell how much myth is mixed into the Marvel-verse here.

I just know that she's very malicious and very, very femme.

Otherwise, Loki does what s/he wants!

RP account for MM and PFSB, no harm meant! The mun behind the curtain is [personal profile] yakalskovich.

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